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NanoWrimo Day 9



What is your word count so far? Are you behind or ahead?

If you ahead that’s great :D

If you’re behind just keep on writing and keep on trying :)

The word count goal for today is 15,003 and I am at 9,200 words.

I am still behind on my word count, but I know that I will reach my 50k goal at the end of the month, even if not the 75k goal.

My days get busy and busier with each passing day lol more and more things fall on me and leaving me with no time to write at all.

Life is busy and I do need to take my charge and be more assertive with my writing time. Not letting people or things to come between me and my writing.

Next week is going to be even more stressful and busy than before, but I think if I will do more word races at night… maybe then I will be able to put some good amount of words on paper, without being so distracted.

Anyway this update is short… must go on finish what’s on my to-do list lol

Have fun writing <3

NanoWrimo Update



The word count goal for today is: 8,333 words and my word count is: 7,180 words… I am 1,153 words short.

So far my NanoWrimo novel going slow… much slower than I wanted, but it’s the first week and I know I can write better and faster ;)

My goal for the rest of the week is, to do lots of word sprints and put more time for my writing than other things I have to do.

Here are 5 tips that I loved reading on Writers Digest on how to be more creative in your writing (that’s where the pic is from as well).

So write fast, fill up those pages and have fun <3

NanoWrimo Eve :)


I can’t wait for the NanoWrimo to start, but I’m also very scared.

I am not as prepared as I wished I would be, but I still have some sort of an outline… so that’s a good start.

To all that still don’t know what is NanoWrimo, all I can say is… WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?” lol

NanoWrimo is an annual (November) novel-writing project that brings together professional and amateur writers from all over the world. Your main goal is to write as much as you can in November, while the word count goal for the month is 50,000 words.

My goal is 75K. I have a bit more to write but I know that the words will flow somehow ;)

Btw if you want to read some cool cartoon about Nano checkout this blog… so cool :)

If you want to add me as your buddy on NanoWrimo I am at:

**** Remember to have fun as much as you can… :)

At the end you will have words, and pages full of words until you will finish your Nano novel… Yay <3 and beware of those evil plot bunnies LOL

So let’s write these words.

Don’t forget to like, share and follow :)

<3 NanoWrimo <3


I just love the month of NanoWrimo.

All the writing buddies, all the frantic writing and craziness, but most of all I love that you get to see so many writers of all ages trying to finish their novel in 1 month… how inspiring :)

This month I am writing a novel called Magical River. I don’t know much details of the story (yet), but my hope is to dive into the outline in this last week of October.

If any of you are going for Nano this year, feel free to add me as a buddy so we can share ideas, and do some good word races (love those). My name is Jasmin66 and i also placed a Nano widget on the top right of this blog so all of you can see how i’m doing ;)

That’s all for now… and I will be writing much more here as I have lots to share with you all.

Have fun writing, and don’t forget to share, like and follow <3

It’s all about the word count ;)


It’s day 3 of camp nanowrimo and so far I have 4900 words. I need to have 5000, but today was hard write.

Tomorrow I will have to push harder, so that I will be able to rest in the weekend.
I never been able to write in weekends…  so I must add at least 5000 words tomorrow.

Is it doable?  Well it can be… LOL

I will have to write, write and write. Maybe lots of coffee, chocolate and a few word races will help me get there faster.

Wish me luck guys… :-)

Motivation… Part 2


I was thinking a lot on how I can motivate myself… I don’t get paid for my writing; I even might not get paid, ever.

So… what keeps me motivated?

Well this was hard for me, because even though I love writing, daily life easily takes all my time and gaming takes my spare time lol
So what to do?

These past few days I was watching a lot of YouTube on motivation and creativity. I found a young woman vloging about NanoWrimo, and she gave an advice on how to prepare for it. I have done Nano for 3 years, but still… there was something in the way she said things that made me think about how I see writing.

In the middle of her video she said something that I have long forgotten… She said that you need to get that feeling of excitement, the rush, the joy that you are about to write. Just by sitting next to your writing place and turning on your computer or opening your notebook, that this will give you the happiness that you are about to start writing, and this high feeling will give you the push and motivation that you need.

I used to have this feeling… Where did it go?

The thought of writing my novel used to give me great joy and happiness, and somewhere along the way… I’ve lost this feeling. And I know the reason I have lost it, but now… it’s much harder to get it back. So… this month, just before the camp Nano will start I set a goal to look at my writing as a special thing… an art of itself, just waiting to be unleashed… to be written.

And I started to make myself a small little place that is only for writing… <3
Now, the thought of writing starting to excite me and I just can’t wait till the next time I can sit by my desk and write… slowly, I know that the happiness and delight of writing will return, and this time… I will never lose it.

Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to like, follow and comment ;)

Motivation… Part 1

Sometimes I lack the motivation I need to be able to write.

Life just sweep me off as I tend to the house chores, family needs and even gaming.

In my everyday, it’s hard to focus on my writing or editing as they are both very demanding and unlike the others, in writing I need to focus, I need silence and even mood to write. So how do you set your mood to write… in order to keep going and reach your goal… to finish what you write.

Latley I’ve been pondering a lot on this question and trying to find a way that my writing will come first of all others, and have the motivation that will last past the 3-5 days of the first high lol

So in my next post I will share what I do, and for the meanwhile I would be happy to see your comments on…
How you stay motivated to write or edit, even if life gets really busy?

Oh… Btw I’ve joined camp nanowrimo (for the first time)… if you want look me up there ;)

I’m Jasmin66 :)


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